Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Customer and ADT's sales, installers, and technicians complaint board

   I would like to make this blog to become the unofficial complaint board so that the actions of ADT's board of directors, Naren K. Gursahaney can see the customers complaints. So if you have a complaint in regarding ADT service or lack of running a company, please leave your comment here on this blog. Any suggestions will be also welcome here. Thanks. 

Do refer this blog to your friends and coworkers.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Aprill 2014 Review of ADT, Installers got Screwed

ADT's Friday special news flash! Hope you all are working fervently; installers you are not on commission pay as of this coming week, but will be paid hourly. This new policy will be nearly a 40% pay-cut (or more) for you, this will fund our pockets, thank you so much, hope you enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading this email. Perhaps we will be covering this more at our next meeting. Although do not expect it, believe that this email has satisfied all the questions and concerns you may have.  Thanks, again for all of your hard work.   Do continue to work hard and be cheerful to keep our customers happy and happier.  Please do not say anything to your families how it will be unpleasantly turbulent to pay for your future rent or mortgage payments.  Thanks, again. Bye! 

P.S. Don't bother to reply, we all are in it together. Remember, be happy.

Honestly, DOES ADT CARE FOR ITS EMPLOYEES? The above translates how much ADT truly value its work force. Believe that ADT’s board of officers is upset for not taking the first place accolade of being, "The Worst Company to Work For in the USA"  

The service, admin, and installers of ADT needs to fire their current union and get a union that will help them to fight a company that treats their employees like shit and not even remotely at a level such like cattle before the slaughter (this was the previous elevation of ADT's prestige undertaking prior and still is ).

We the employees need to stand up and thrust out their ass though the shit they give out to us. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

ADT Sales Rep Benefit and Job Review

The below comments was posted on ADT's Chatter Site, a service provided by Salesforce.com; sad for the ones that posted their opinion, am sure they got shredded for it. This is just one issue from out of many on how; ADT got the 6th place to be the company to be employed by; that is, the worst of the worst to work for.  (see, Wall-Street article here: http://247wallst.com/special-report/2013/07/19/americas-worst-companies-to-work-for-2/)  That means there are five other companies that is nastier to work for than ADT. Simply put, ADT is the 6th nastiest company to work for according to this article.

UnQuestionable, ADT must be proud to be of this standing. Many employees are flocking away from this company. Every month new calves are coming in and the dead ones are being buried by several hundreds if not thousands throughout the company in a fiscal year. Feel penitent for them and their family that ADT financially had place them in, promises when hired is not kept. Wonder, if this is good to me as a stockholder? As seeing thousands of thousands of dollars being wasted in training new people all the time, but their main concern is too much paper usage (and is).  

 Openly, The American people was lied to when ADT Security Services Chief Marketing Officer Tony Wells on the TV series “Undercover Boss” on CBS made a promise to its' audience that ADT will implement a new gas allowance plan to benefit the sales rep with the usage of their personal vehicle. Yep, again, the new policy greatly reduces the payout to us reps to solely to benefit the company profits.

It’s ok for a sales rep to steal other rep appointments with lies or whatever it takes to get a signed contract; the order from the top to the front-line managers is told to shut their mouths and bring not this to our attention again. The new ADT motto is, “Whatever it Takes, Get the Contract and Fuck the Other Sales Rep,” Now the game punk is fuck your team member, do whatever it takes, even lying to the customer to get the contract. Unfortunately, this is an ADT new low. 

The following comments are from other sales reps and their names were omitted for their personal security. Any highlighted words in blue was added by me.

#1 Employee:
I have been with the company for seven years and I am a Club Excellence Representative. I was wondering when you can address the Vacation Pay for Sales Representatives. This was brought up at our town meeting in Miramar, Florida with Naren (ADT's CEO) a while back. According to the agreement we sign, if you make your matrix, compensation is at least $50,000.00. That breaks down to $1000.00 per week or $200.00 per day. Why are we only getting $70.00 per day? Every other employees at ADT (and most of all other companies, and their employees ) is getting equal Vacation Pay. 

#2 Employee:
Could not agree more, I have had this discussion with colleagues many times

#3 Employee:
Every time I take a "vacation", it takes me almost 2 weeks to get back to normal.
It almost makes you not want to take time off, because getting back takes a while, or do you burn out due to stress.....to keep up selling. 

Finally, watch-out when ever ADT gives you a thumbs up, their four fingers are pointed back to them. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

ADT Sale Representative, employee complaint and review,

  If you plan to join ADT as a Sales Rep do not join the Resale Team. There are three sales teams for residential; Custom, High Volume, and Resale. For the resale reps they have changed their policy to the point that most resale reps are receiving one company lead per week, if that. The resale manager threatens their members that do not make their calls to remove them from the lead rotation, perhaps one per week. Prior it was an average of 4 to 9 leads per week; most of the sale reps from the other two teams are receiving 10 to 30 per month as of now. The pay for self-generated leads on the Resale Team is much lower than what they are paying the other sales rep from the other teams. They will give you a list through Salesforce.com and expect you to make at least 50 calls per day and to knock on doors.  Now, we in resale make the calls and harass the hell out of the prior customers that their monitoring services have been discontinued with us until they advise us to put them on the do-not-call list and we still harass the crap out of them. ADT is not taking care of their employees, so how do you expect us to take care of the existing, new, or former customers. Not because we like to harass people, it’s all about surviving and in so many words the managers has given us the green light do to do this. We are not given that many new leads per day to make new fresh calls every day.

They say that the new CEO, Naren K Gursahaney, cares about the employees of ADT.  Perhaps it is true, as for us, the resale reps haven't seen this to be true. Recently, the pay plan to the resale reps has been overhauled in which it benefits the company, but the reseller rep need to work longer hours just to maintain the same amount paid as prior, likely less as seen on teams throughout the area I work in. They are in the process of changing the resale teams to be a totally self-generated machine with less pay than what they are paying members of the other residential sale teams for self-generated sales. In turn we find ways to charge the customer more for the monthly services to help the offset of our paychecks. Most of the resale employees’ self-motivation and the essence of being a rep for ADT have considerably dropped during the past six months, especially in the past three months.  Custom and High Volume are receiving a decent lead flow, but the leads to the Resale flow has been down 70% or higher per resale team for the past 7 months as during the same time periods as the previously years, not because the leads not coming in, but are not given to the resale reps. They want us to work harder with greatly reduce sale leads to maintain the same sale quota per month with less pay.  They somewhat increase the pay for us when the customer agrees to buy more equipment or a much higher monthly premium. This means a higher cancellation rate because we have installer that doesn't want to do larger installs to receive a smaller paycheck. ADT lower their pay by 40%, during the fall of 2012, most sale reps have lost sold jobs because of this pay cut to them. The installer would advise the customer with buzzwords that it could not be done as sold; many sold job cancel for this purpose. To obtain a paycheck to maintain nearly the same pay they would need to install more systems per day. Simpler and quicker installs are about the only way that the installers can make up for some of the lost in their paychecks.  On the real nice systems, such like the systems that we advertise on TV (the Pulse Premier and the Pulse Advantage), many of our installers will advise our customers that the wires cannot be run without drilling holes in the walls with the difficulties in running the wire to the various system components. Then will quickly recommend to the customer that the Pulse Select or the Quick-Connect is all that they really need; cheaper for the equipment, labor, and the monthly services charges. Then to follow up by saying, no wires would be needed to run throughout your home. Essentially, the biggest lost; referrals will be likely to be nil from these customers.  All parties involve gets the short stick; the customer, sales rep, and even ADT.   

 By the way, ADT don't even pay the bonuses to us in a timely manner when they run special incentives with bonuses normally paid out to us in the form of gift cards.  Most, if not all, have not received a red cent that had met or exceeded their set requirement in receiving these bonuses. These have not been paid to us for the last 4 months. They owe more than 400 dollars to several of us over a few months. Nor, have we received our awards earned for exceeding the ADT goal that was supposed to be given to each sale reps that hit the yearly quota for last year, 2012. We didn't even receive a simple "Certificate of Achievement", nor even the typical award luncheon have been given to us let, not even a date. Many of us were way over 100%.   Believe that ADT hope that we wouldn't notice and hope that we will forget. This decision was not from the area managers, but is from the region managers and the higher ups. The gas allowance given out per week on our pay stubs is around 85 dollars and that is tax. Need time off, your vacation pay per day is an enormous 70 dollars, that’s a huge 350 dollars a week, which is basically a few cents more than the minimal federal law requirement for basic pay per hour. If you call these good benefits with the new pay changes and less leads per week, then ADT Resale Team is for you. Yes, ADT is not for everybody. This is a very true statement, that is why several are leaving, not because they are not good at what they do, they are just not making the money as they was or working double the hours and still end up with much less. The morale is low on my team, and we must work a lot harder with less pay and with little or no support from ADT.  We are exhausted from the nagging sales managers with their empty promises along with their useless continuous motivational slurs. Be a member of a resale team to see and live the miseries yourself. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ADT customer and employee complaints

Why are the outside ADT sales teams competing against our biggest competitor, that is to say the ADT’s phone sale team?

The problem is ADT thinks that it is more profitable with the phone sale reps than its outside sales rep.  I say horse manure for the reasons of;
  • 1.           First, customer true expectations from ADT are seldom met, and not recognize by the customer until the security system is needed the most. That is, at the time of a break-in or a live fire.  
  • 2.           Customer and ADT valuable time is lost.
  • 3.           Phone Sales Rep cannot meet the client in person.
  • 4.           Cannot see the existing equipment if any to know what is compatible.
  • 5.           Customer when having an issue has to deal with the phone sale rep if can be   reach in a timely manner,  instead of the local rep that personally knows the installer and can get things done faster locally without all the red tape that the phone sales rep many time will put the customer through.
  • 6.           Installers are giving away free equipment to make things happen. Free to the customer, corresponds to customer expectation for free in the future. Value?
  • 7.            Way too many phone reps do not know what they are selling. 
  • 8.           Plus, they do not know the equipment, the capabilities or the features of the particular system of what they are selling, period.
  • 9.            Monthly revenue is less because the value is not sold to the customer.
  • 10.        20% to 33% sales are lost from the phone sales.
  • 11.        ADT give less than the best, that is to say, an outside sales rep, is equivalent for a greater loss of loyalty from the customer towards ADT; now in the present, while they are being monitor, and later when they move.
  • 12.        In a nut shell, the phone sale reps are selling security systems blindly.
  • 13.        Unfortunately and outwardly, ADT has shown that loyalty is not important to their employees or to their customers.
  • 14.        Finally and lastly, ask any installer or admin personnel at the branch level about the phone sale department. 95% of them would say that it reeks like a used toilet that hasn't been flush for a week or two.
ADT upper and mid-level managers are saying. We have the “Name”; it will keep itself going forward. Unfortunately our “Name” is fading away due to this experiment called “phone selling our customer” has failed at the expense to our customer and to our great “Name.” Just some old common horse sense says the phone sale team is slowly killing the name of ADT. How? By the loss of frustrated customers that unfortunately for us correctly trash us to their friends and family. These customers feel like their valuable time was wasted, that they were just a numeral to us by not understanding their security expectations, requirements, and lastly their confidence with us became not. The fault doesn't lay on these customers, no not by them, but by our own doings. Basically, the customers are saying after a phone sale blowout, “Shit, ADT cost more because the bull-shit they will put you through. Hell! It cost me less in time and equipment cost at company X. There was no pucking to be had from X, it was a real pleasure in doing business with them. Puck your company, pucking values.” Phone sale reps perhaps has good ears to hear, but few knows the many systems that are in the field, nor are they in the field to see and ask for help if needed, nor can they see the body language, or the customer home when selling. Neither, do not live locally, so they do not know the area in whence they sale. These are what give phone sale reps the short stick, their numerous phone blowouts, miseries to our customers, and the reduction in confidence of the value of the name of ADT. Yes I agree, a phone sale team decreases ADT employee expenditures in the short term, but destroying our own name for the haul. Yes, even a phone sale rep admittedly wrote on the internet it is not the best. So, ADT likes not to provide the best to its customers. By giving them less of the very best in the industry is allowing the customers to see not the value that we truly give. Those customers are saying to us, “Sorry Sally, you had your day, perhaps we may do business with you in the future; not. Bye.”

Naren Gursahaney, have you been to Chick-Filet, yet? Their business model is thriving. Reason why, is for their awe-inspiring service that they provide in an industry that is also crowded. I been to several of their stores and never been remotely been let down.  It reminds me the direct opposite of how a restaurant should be not ran as seen in each episode in the TV series “Kitchen Nightmares.” In each episode of the series, the producer has craftily been able to clasp on how idiotism was the path that the owner have chosen to run their restaurant prior in receiving help from Chef Gordon Ramsay, some made it  and some fell off the wayside after the help. I’ll bet Chef Gordon Ramsay would cringe on how we treat our customers that was phone sold. Hurry up, save that sale! Let’s do something! Let’s provide a parade to the customer for deficiency control after the meal. As the customer is still stomaching on it we are now offering bread and water to compose the situation after the fact. This is actually what we are doing at the present time. Tell me, that 20 to 33% doesn't stink. And eventually, yet to come, ADT motto will be, “ADT Gone.”

Friday, June 15, 2012

Being a ADT Sales Rep

First it is a requirement that you make 45 phone calls a day and it doesn't  matter how busy you are with appointments and the travel times between them.

Secondly, you will have to insure that the installers do not blow-out your jobs after you sell it.

Thirdly you will be the admin personnel, the Installation manager, a employee working in the billing department, you will be overseeing the shipping and receiving department, perhaps a technician, and did I mention to you that you are a phone caller in the telemarketer department. This is in itself shows that ADT, has lean it staff so much that it does not give you the support that you need, does not care for its employees.  If a company does not care about their own employees; wonders if it is the same towards their customers.

But when self-generating your own leads, besides fighting with our competitors, you will be competing within ADT itself, mainly the phone call centers, and our infamous authorize dealers will undercut you in every way they can. About the calls center, if a client calls in to check if you are an ADT employee and they place them on your calendar then it is not a self-generated appointment any longer. Also, if they call in the phone center then they may be sold over the phone and or be given to another rep. Simply put, you do the leg work and it is stolen from the security company that you work for. The ADT Company rather pays out more to its dealers than to you. Why, ADT will give you the sales rep less tools to compete against our sub-contractors. They favor to pay out around 32 times the  monthly rate to the dealers that is receive from a new contract  then to help their own reps.   Plus, if you do not generate at least four new self-generated within the month you will be remove from receiving company leads. Welcome, come on board, and ADT will give you the opportunity to flush others urinals, and receive the table scraps that are from the result of your labor.

Monday, April 9, 2012

ADT Security and the Unions (IBEW), are they for Real?

To Anonymous.

You wrote a comment on my blog site ...
"Why don't you guys organize? Some sites have gone with the IBEW and are negotiating terms and conditions of employment. www.ibew.org"

Please, Anonymous, representative of IBEW,  or anyone that is in sales that works for ADT that has knowledge of any negotiating terms and conditions of employment between the sales department of ADT and IBEW, leave your results here. Do include  the who, when, how, and what was the outcome so that the readers of this blog can make up their minds.  Of course I'm looking specifically for the results at ADT Security and especially for the different offices in USA that target the sales department of ADT. I do not care for unions, but it might be the only way for the sales personnel not to get it in the rear again and again when ADT is only looking for profit at the expense of its sales force. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ADT Two Months Credit

 So you received a ADT's flyer in the mail or your sales rep advises you, that you will receive two months of basic monitoring credited to your account. Be aware that this is one of ADT's rebate offer. And you must go to their unflush toilets to get it.

Well, you would think (if so you, you are wrong), that as large as we are that this would be a easy process. Well this is where our "Sixth Sigma" needs to go back to the commode and flush their toilets that is full of ADT upturning roaring-turmur shit that is given to it's customers to receive their promised McDonald's meals. John Koch, get your hands in the commode and fixed this stinky crap of yours. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Tyco Sold ADT?

Tyco Incorporation is allowing and implementing the split up of ADT into 3 business identities. The question I have, are they splitting ADT to sell the separated units to other companies like themselves, or?  I say we been bought, or on the edge of being bought, what say you? 

ADT Phone Sales?

Would like to see comments made below from the ADT's New and Resales Reps opinions about the Call-In phones sales.  Would really be delighted to hear from the ADT installers on this subject. Please, keep it clean when you express yourself. Do the flushing with your opinions below.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Spiraling Commode at ADT Security

     Bet there are several ADT sale managers that are upset today, because they didn't hit their numbers last month. 

   My synthetizes goes out to those that did everything that they could of done and acted as if in an emergency situation throughout the entire month of January to feed themselves, their team members, and the shareholders. Too those managers, my condolence and gratitude go out to you. 

   But, there are those that rely heavy on telemar to feed their own mouths and not working for their team servant’s mouth by not applying and commencing the tools that is available to them. 

   Andy, should you be flushing your commode and perhaps you should put your own head in it? 

  Apparently, there are managers, as comments was made in this blog that, at least, a couple of them should be in the downward spiral of the flush. 

   What kind of tools I’m talking about, if the ADTs’ sale managers don’t know what they can provide for their teams in a consistent and timely manner then let them be in the down-spout as Andy flushes. 

  For if the managers are "not" utilizing the tools that are given to them for  increasing the profit margins for themselves, their team members, and ADT, then the morale of the infected team is low and the respect received from their players is only a white chalk painted on their walls. It will rain and the walls' true color will shine through, as it is now.

   I can imagine it now, their right hands grasping, as they are begging for remorse, “I will do better, please, give me another chance, p-p-please”.  Spiraling around, the turds go down, bye.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Employee Review & Complaint of ADT's New Pay Policy

  Yes, ADT takes great care of its sales force. Every year they come up with a new pay scale to compensate their employees. Normally to make us the sale person to work harder to receive the same amount of yearly pay that we have received the year prior. They call this motivating their cattle.  This year it is, if a customer is moving and calls directly to the sales person to have a system at their new home; ADT, now says it is not self generated lead (SGL) because they are a customer that is moving point "A" to point "B".  In the years that I have been in sales, I have not ever heard of other companies says that these are not self generated, no not ADT. 

  So what will happen, the ADT sales rep will not mention the relocation package that is promise to the customer so that he can get pay the bonus pay as if it was a SGL, which means, now the customer is treated like a herd of sheep. Yep, the sales reps will have less concern about helping their clients after the sixth month after the install. So you the customer now can say what good is from a large security company that doesn't care about the standard pay practices towards their sales rep and what is driving a company to reduce pay and still charges top dollars for equipment and monthly monitoring fees.

  I still believe that the top leadership of ADT heads is turds that need to be flushed down the toilets.  

  If you have any good or bad-mouth comments towards my opinion here, please click on “comment” below and let yours be noted.  

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ADT Employee Job Review

To all those of the ADTs’ Sale reps, admin and installers that has to deal with the infamous SOE and the COPG departments issues after a sale, this is my simple review about SOE and COPG performances, in particular to the head managers of these departments and their bosses.

    My review about these two departments are like two children that are running toward the same objects not knowing what the other is doing and slam into each other giving both a headache. The real lost in this confused situation is to our customer and of the ADT’s employees’ belief of the ADT way.

   Where there is confusion, there is evil? This evil, because it steals time which is financial lost from unproductive work; to include customers, sale reps and their managers, and the commissioned installers. Does this also hurt ADT? Thought we was one, apparently we aren't. 

  More and more, I believe that ADT Corporate Department Heads are educated self-serving idiots. Again my definition for a educated idiots; is knowledgeable individuals that don’t apply wisdom in implementing new or gained info into profitable procedures that results in a negative gain, and a lost in productivity, and the reduction of the moral to its workforce. These idiots should spend a month or two with the real ADT backbone leaders of this fine company to see the deleterious results of their urinated-employed decisions. Hopefully they do this before they do something new again. A good intention without the proper execution brings destruction to all that is in its path onto itself.

  The managers above and within the departments of the SOE and the COPG are so uppity with themselves; that to correct their department mistakes, one needs to go through their bamboozle hula hoop loops to correct their bewildering mistakes. Instead of working with the local managers and reps, they say, “It’s our way or the highway,” or sift the blame on a different department. They forgot who their customers are.

  They need to set up a separate department up with go-to individuals that take care of these issues.. Hello, A real Help-Line with individuals that has authority to correct mistakes and to help with questions that a sale person may have. 

  Make somebody's day, flush your toilets.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ADT's Phone Sale

These are my opinions to inform potential customers needing an electronic security system. This would include clients that would like a system in their home, or would like their existing system to be activated.

Secondly, I am blatantly criticizing any deviously cunning and deceitfully scheming from security companies, which provide phone sales.

For customers that believe that they are receiving a decent security system when buying a security system over the phone, or led to believe a representative is coming to your home, when in reality it is either a sub-contractor or a tech that will be coming to their home. The security conglomerate that sells electronic security systems and their services over the phone is not providing the appropriate services to their customers’ safety. The customer is just an added number(we call it a unit), and it is a cheaper way to provide more money for their gain and being superficial to the security needs or concerns of its’ customers. Yes, the phone rep to the customer, wordlessly-whispering, “You have just been placed in our commode,“ and then boldly remarks, “Thank you, we’ll be there for you, please call back anytime.”

Phone-sales pitfall for the home-owners, the customer may receive the protection that they want or need, but most likely it will be a basic system, exterior doors, a motion detector, and perhaps a handheld keychain that may have a panic button built in. This might be an ok system when not at home or for a small business to protect your property. The question is? Will it protect your family or yourself when at home? Remember if they get your checking, credit card information over the phone or their web site, or we will mail you the contract it is per-say a phone sale. Always ask for a consultant to come to your location and not on the phone. If they present you a hard time sending their ambassador to your abode, thank them and hang-up, then give your business to someone else to give you a professional overview of your security needs.

Phone sales, I distain them so much that I would rather buy from an authorized-dealer. For this will be the only single exception; At least I have a human in my home to give me suggestions, hoping that the dealer’s consultant would be a very knowledgeable-experienced non-deceitful security consultant with concerns in protecting my family when we are at home. Accordingly, ensure you are working with an experience-trained human being to design a system that is custom ordered for your family needs

To reiterate, I would not buy any monitoring services from off of the phone. So if you are afraid that the sales rep will take advantage of you, then why even consider getting a security system in the first place.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

ADT Original Contract being left with the Customer

ADT has adopted a procedure from Brinks (which is now ADT), that is, by leaving the office copy and the customer copy with the customer. This is good for the ADT's customers, this will stop most of changes that a sales person can do after a contract is signed and before it is turned in.This should  keep ADT cleaner from the web complaint boards. Of course if a customer signed a contract with an ADT dealer, you are foolish and must still deal with their unprofessional sales tactic. My personal opinion is that dealers are scum bags and ADT will not speak-out openly that they made a big mistake in starting the dealer program.  Dealers are a pain right in the a-double-s. The above procedure in not at all the ADT branches through-out USA, but they are working on it.

On this new procedure I give two thumbs up to ADT.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Recent ADT Survey

ADT Survey, Complaint and Review by an Employee
ADT recently wanted all of us, their employees to do a survey from off of their network. They said it was anonymous, although you have to put in a user ID to proceed with it. Many did not fill it out for the lack of trust towards our employer, ADT Security.

So here is my written anonymous survey and is intended to inform the future potential customers, as well as job seekers looking into ADT.  Last but not least, it is my formal written complaint to the corporate officers of ADT Security Services and Tyco Incorporation. This letter will also serves as my completed filled survey online.

Moreover, an accomplished man that I highly respected directly said to me, “If the upper needs a survey to see where their people heads are at, then the aristocrats are inadequate and their heads needs to be relocated to the commode to obtain wisdom”.  
To the customers; how can you trust a company that treats their salespeople like cattle, are they trying to make withered-up cows before they slaughter them? An extreme number of new hires leave ADT within an average time period of four to five months, and then a new herd comes in to replace the replacements. My heart goes out to you, the customers, for you will be likely beaten down with inexperience representatives coming to your home. The other representatives will be tired of making their required phone calls, and working sixty to eighty hours or more in a week doing everybody else’s job. Apparently, ADT take pleasure in spending their profits and energy to train the new recruits even though they will quit within months.
The upper managements must have some benefit of feeding off the excrement that the cattle left behind; apparently they believe that they know how to take care of the customers. Spare parts on the truck or resale representative car, are you kidding, that will take too much room. We’ll just come back waste some more gas. Put extra wear and tear on our vehicles.  It is all about the inventory, we do not want to hold our techs accountable, for we know that they will use them for sideline jobs (to me what is bad is bad, get rid of them). You the customer must understand your time is not important to us. Please recognize that we treat our sales force the same. We even pay the salesperson 25 dollars less than a tech to activate your services. We pay them less for the same work performed, why? It’s for golfing, and it is a funny thing, we even expect them to go back in their own vehicles. We don’t even have to pay them the extra time or gas for the return trip if needed, why do you care? They will do it, they are cows. Oh yes! We highly value our sales force, we treat them like peasants working in the sweat shops in China.
Apparently, ADT enjoy spending their profits to train the new recruits so that they will quit within months. One out of 200 may last a year, not bad odd for the lottery. Of course my estimate may be fraud, however not by much.
To individuals that are looking for a sales position with ADT; think again! In the interview it will be suggested that you will you have the opportunity to make well over fifty thousand dollars in the first year, the hiring manager is giving you salt to make you thirsty. All you need to do is put in time, then a little bit more time, and of course your life, etc.
So want a job, come on aboard, but I bet you will be thirsty (literally) in three to four months, and in the first year you are lucky to make 40 thousand, this goes also on the 2nd, 3rd, and the 4th year, etc.  A few of my team members have been with ADT close to three years or a touch more. They work like a dog and make less than 40 thousand for the year of 2010. So in my group only two is doing well (they are making three to five times more than anyone else) and they are spoon-fed.

Instead of working with you, the ADT managers will take you out or reduce the number of leads from the rotation and can flush the leads from you that day, week, and even a month. Then they may give them to someone else if you do not meet their quota.  This will include self-generated or given leads which will force you to make phone calls to generate more leads to replace the leads that was lost. Of course in so doing this they will say it is theirs, belonging to ADT.
They say they don’t utilize fear to motivate their employees, strangely enough, lots of that is going on, screaming to the awful-misguided cow with very low demeaning-humiliating-undignified terminology for all to hear. Of course this is to set everybody else straight.
If you join the team as a salesperson, you will very likely become a withering cow. As my saying goes, “A salesperson come and goes among other newly hires and leave like a herd of cows for the slaughter, and ADT will milk the energy from your lively-hood even from within your belly.”
Family life? Say, again, you have a life, perhaps you don’t like to work here. Wow! For vacation pay, you will receive seventy dollars a day. Knowingly ADT will appreciate you coming back hungry, therefore have a good time.
If you want to learn adversity in your life, come aboard on the ADT’s bus as a salesperson, and you will learn adversity their way. If you read this and still come aboard, it’s your fault. Somewhere, I read this statement from a job post, “Generous incentive plans are in place to reward positive results.”  Additionally, they uncouthly left-out the following words, “And if you are favored”.
Now for my formal complaint to the corporate officers of ADT and Tyco; the phone sales blow-outs and service leads goes to one or two ADT’s sales representative only and not to the others that have the same abilities, skills, fortitude, and capabilities.. This is occurring at my branch and the neighboring branches. This is a form of discrimination.  If you did receive one through a back door and you are discovered, you are a bad cow and then advised they suppose to go to such-n-such person, and oh, yes; the installer, tech, and admin personnel have been warned, for they are not to give you any more. Life is not always fair but favoritism shouldn’t be in the work force.
To inspire the team, the sales manager then uses the elites as an aspiration and for motivational spills for others to be like them. It is not motivational; instead it has demoralizing effects upon the other sale team members knowingly that these elite cows are being spoon-fed.
Since employed by ADT, I am not given the same opportunities as the elites to reach my required sale units requirements, even though I have the same capabilities and the fortitude as they do. This is favoritism to an elite few that holds the same exact title as myself which equate more than several hundred and thousands of dollars more than what  I myself receive with the same required qualifications, skills, and abilities .
To end the complaint; I can understand not to give out the above mentioned type of leads to individuals that are new or those that as not let obtain the acquired skills, or abilities. But if they acquired the set standards of ADT and not receiving these leads, it is favoritism and it levels on discrimination. There will always be adversity in the work place for without it there will be no growth. And favoritism and discrimination should not be one of the adversities that officers of ADT or Tyco Incorporation should accept in the work place.
And to end the survey; in performing this survey you the corporate officers of ADT Security Services and Tyco Incorporation had admittedly declare that themselves are brainless on running a large corporation. Your "Six Sigma" watch dogs they should at least be potty trained. Have you flush your toilets yet?